Thursday, June 5, 2014

Fun in the hot Arizona sun

We loved the time that we lived in Arizona. I had moved there for school, but it was much more enjoyable to get married and bring Jake out there with me and start our married life together. We have always said that we could see ourselves living there in the future, but I will tell you one thing that I didn't miss...that dang, blistering hot sun with not a single cloud in the sky.  I think when you live there your body gets accustomed to being hot all the time, but coming back I was definitely unprepared and it was barely in the 100s when we were there. We went down for one of my best PA gal's wedding. We went out early to go to Gannon's graduation party, but he was signed with the Dolphins and flew to Miami and didn't get the chance to walk or have his big party.  It was fun to extend the trip a few days and spend time with our second family, The Bradshaws and friends. 

We went to Schnepf Farms to pick peaches because it was surprisingly peach season there.

Lunch at the Olive Mill, with every kind of olive oil you could think of including chocolate.

Spent a lot of time at the pool with Parker, at the Bradshaws.

We went to Parker's last Orchestra Performance!

The new Gilbert Temple is absolutely Beautiful, but was closed when we went, which was fine since I brought Jake's old Temple recommend anyways.
Pizza from SAUCE.

The Beautiful Bride's wedding dinner.

Spent Saturday before the wedding lounging and eating at the Ritz Carlton in Tuscon like we were actual guests.

The wedding location was so Awesome!

Gannon was able to come back for the wedding which made Jake very happy!
I love dancing at Weddings, especially when everyone else besides the Mormons are a little tipsy.

Bahama Bucks, Jake is now a snow cone snob to anything else.

If you are ever in Az, eat here. They have a Farm in the back where all their food comes from and it is delicious.

Decided to finish off the post with some more food. Lucilles BBQ not even the slightest bit healthy, but the best biscuits ever. 

We had a wonderful little get away with good food and even better company!

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